Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges or violations, if your freedom and future are at stake, nothing else matters more than having an experienced lawyer on your side. Frontline Law will skillfully defend you when you are charged with a crime. We handle all charges ranging from felonies to misdemeanors, probation violations, bond issues, and any investigations. You may be entitled to seal or expunge your arrest.

Frontline Law skillfully defends clients in practice areas such as:

 Federal Criminal Defense

 Asset forfeiture

 Bank Fraud


 Computer/Internet fraud


 Credit Card Fraud

 Drug trafficking/importation


 Environmental Crimes



 Identity Theft

 Insurance Fraud

 Medicare Fraud

 Money laundering

 Mortgage fraud/real estate fraud

 Public corruption


 Tax Fraud

 State Criminal Defense



 Attempted trafficking



 Credit card fraud

 Dealing in stolen property

 Disorderly conduct

 Domestic violence

 Drug charges (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, controlled substance, etc.)

 False imprisonment

 False insurance claim

 Filing false police report

 Firearm charges /Weapons charges (possession, carrying a concealed)

 Fleeing and Eluding

 Grand theft

 Injunction violations

 Insurance Fraud

 Motions to vacate criminal convictions

 Murder or attempted murder

 Petit theft

 Possession of burglary tools


 Probation violations


 Resisting an officer with or without violence

 Sale or possession with intent to sell



 Welfare fraud

 Witness Tampering

 Worthless check